Back In Time - a journey to the Viking Age

The english DVD version of the first episode is now available      
Back In Time is a series aimed at children and youths. Join us on a guided tour through Viking Age society. 
In the first episode we meet Harald, the Master Ship Builder and we get to learn how a Viking ship is built.
We also meet Gunnar, the Trader and go with him on a hunt for the finest goods.
There is a huge interest in the Viking Age among children and school students, but the educational aids 
are sometimes too few and they rarely show the everyday life of people.
The series' aim is to create an understanding of Viking Age culture and history among school children. 
The students learn more if you combine different media. To meet this need, the series also features
live action, old norse dialogue, animation and teaching aids.
According to the surveys we have done in Swedish schools, the Viking Age is the era that children are most 
interested in. That is why we take the viewers on an expedition to the 10th century's language, cooking,
clothing, legal system, weapons and tools.

Episode 1 - The Master Ship Builder and the Trader
Episode 2 - The Housewives and the Slaves
Episode 3 - The Proclaimer of the Law, the Chieftain and the Military Commander
Episode 4 - The Master of Runes, the Poet and the Blacksmith
Episode 5 - The Heathen Priest and the Æsic Gods



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